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Anubis paranormal team is an enthusiastic group of paranormal investigators who's aim is to prove the theory of ghost and spirits , our mission is to investigate paranormal activity causing as little disruption as possible. The team will use all resources and scientific processes in recording and analysis of such evidence, all investigators will conduct themselves in a polite and professional manner.

What We Do On Investigations

We will:
1. Investigate to ascertain the the source or the unexplained phenomena reported in homes , businesses or public facilities.

2.To gather reliable documented evidence during our investigation.

3.Facilitate a congenial resolution to disruptive paranormal energy when encountered.

4.Document evidence I.e photographs , videos and EVP readings of ghosts or apparitions as required on a case by case basis.

5.Help why we can or find someone who,can in the unlikely event we can't .

6.We will investigate by scientific means then report back with our findings, you will relieve a copy of our evidence gathered on our investigation.

7.Each investigator will explain the equipment they use during the investigation and reveal any evidence of possible results.

8.Anubis will exit the facility after conclusion and repeat a walk around , we will clean up after our selves and ensure the client is happy with our exit in both the state of the facility and the paranormal state of the environment.

9.We will review all evidence approximately one week after our investigation so we can approach each piece of evidence feeling refreshed, we will speed up this process if a danger to client is evident.

10.Anubis does not practice the occult, rituals , magic , witch craft or the dark arts however at the request of the client we will do ceremonial events such as cleansing , we are about love and light.

Our Equipment and Methods

Anubis use a variety of tools and techniques on investigations.

1.Photography equipment uses still and video photography to capture evidence of possible manifestation such as orbs , mist , ectoplasm and apparitions.

2.EMF Meters measurement using electromagnetic field meters which can show attributes to the presence of spirits and ghosts.

3.Temperature measurement , using infrared and ambient temperature sensors to detect changes in the environment such as " cold spots" which some believe accompany spirit activity.

4.RF monitors to asses the level of radio frequency sound vibrations ( white noise ) which is thought to contribute to paranormal activity.

5.Angel boards used to communicate with spirits using energies by either using our energies or combined energy from us and electronics or by using its own to spell out words and give yes or no answers.

6.Dowsing rods , the rods act as a conductor of hidden energy sources of spirits or ghosts residue because they are connected to energy fields that manipulate the rods to produce yes or no answers to questions.

7.K2 meters they work by using other energy in the room. The K2 meters pick up on electromagnetic energy, when there is a significant change in frequency causing the lights on the meter to change , this can be used for responses to questions also.

Our Mission Statement 

The mission of Anubis Paranormal Investigations is to provide an experience that makes our guest feel at home, everyone of us is responsible for ensuring our guests maximum satisfaction by delivering and exceptional quality service.
We will create a positive work environment for all our staff by continually striving to exceed expectations , we will work hard as a team to try and get the best results needed to satisfy all our guests and staff.
Our objective is to create an exceptional friendly and relaxing environment for all our guests . Anubis paranormal team has extensive backgrounds that will ensure the running of a successful operation , each of team is specialised in specific areas within the field, together as a team we will ensure all aspects of the investigation are managed appropriately.
It is our ultimate goal to differentiate the type of service offered from our investigations and from other paranormal companies which will assist in building our reputation and attract frequent guest and clients who require a high level of service and recognition that cannot be received by other paranormal groups.

What People Say About Us

“Now been on two investigations with Mandy and her team! They are fantastic! So friendly and welcoming I feel like I've made friends for life... Looking forward to next few investigations highly recommended!!!!”  Emma Roe

“Mandy and her team really look after their guests on investigations - setting up the equipment to use before people arrive, providing plenty of refreshments and working with great investigators to get the most out of an evening.   Much more effort goes into their events than other far more expensive companies do.  Anubis Paranormal are the best by far - would recommend them if you are new to this or a seasoned ghost hunter.”

Matt Roscoe

“What a fantastic team! So much on offer in their investigations. Have done a couple now and will definitely be booking more. Thanks for the experience guys xx” Kerrie Roberts

“Wonderful Team of people, really enjoyed my experience on one of the events I attended.”

Tania Robinson

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