We are a Group of Professional Paranormal Researchers who are experienced and are here to help our Clients as well as answer questions to others that need help. As a Team we are dedicated in Serving our Community as a Nonprofit Team Free Of Charge For ALL



Daniel Everson

My Name is Daniel Everson.

I’m Team Leader of Cherry Capital Shadow Seekers on behalf of Jamie Hunt as Team Leader of Cherry Capital Shadow Seekers as well. I’ve been researching the Paranormal for 10yrs now. When I first started, I had to focus my mind on other things as my life in front of me was in bad shape. To keep my mind focused at hand to provide a better life, better future for my son Trevor. I started my Research on Paranormal and uses of equipment and different techniques.

I continued for 5yrs of Research first before considering joining with a local Team before starting. I’ve been involved with 3 different local Teams in Area including 1 of my own before starting CCSS. I’m still Currently Researching as We All are lol. I’ve been involved in the Line of Duty for 5yrs now and still going. I’ve been involved in several different experiences in my journey.

Over my years, I’ve come quite knowledgeable in uses of different equipment, skills, and abilities used in the field. I’ve done Paranormal Investigations from Outdoors, Residential Locations, Commercial Property’s, and Historical Places around the State of Michigan. Cherry Capital Shadow Seekers opened up on September of 2018. It's a blessing to our Team to be brought forth to Serve our Community, as well as The State of Michigan. We have made it a long way since last year. CCSS thrives to help others with the most accurate answers the best as we possibly can in a timely manner and thrive to be as Professional as possible with the job we do. We Thank you ALL for the Support you Give us. We respect you, we appreciate you. You ALL are Always Family to us.

Cherry Capital Shadow Seekers

Team Leader, Daniel Everson


Hello My name is Jamie Hunt, Co team leader of Cherry Capital Shadow Seekers,alongside my love Daniel Everson.
At the age of 3 I drowned and every since then my life has been different. I began to see and talk to spirits. Coming from an open family helped me in this path, and by age 12 I was searching for haunted houses in my little town. I am a clairvoyant,and also Wiccan the 2 blend together nice. I love this field, it has brought me many adventures and introduced me to tons of wonderful people and most of all it brought me to my love Daniel


My name is Zach Smith. I am the lead camera op and Paranormal Researcher for Cherry Capital Shadow Seekers. I have been a believer for my whole life. For the past 5 years ive been trying to find proof that the paranormal is real. I have been part of CCSS for 1yr and love my job.. CCSS Team Member Zachary Smith.


my name is kristy Meyer (Witchy Kristy) Im a Paranormal Researcher for Cherry Capital Shadow Seekers. I have been involved with the paranormal for about 5 years now, but didnt decide to seek a local paranormal group until I found, Team Leaders Jamie Hunt and Daniel Everson. I had searched for answers to questions I've had for years about the paranormal and hidden secrets/mysteries in our job. I Kristy Meyer love what i do. CCSS Team Member Kristy Meyer


I've always been interested in the paranormal. My grandmother growing up spoke to spirits and has always believed me when I told her about the ones I saw and spoke to as a child. I didn't join a group until I was about 16 or 17. I was with that group for almost 30 years. I was lucky enough to find Jamie Hunt and joined her group Michigan Shadow Seekers until Daniel Everson, Cherry Capital Paranormal Investigations. Both Teams as of 2018 merged into Cherry Capital Shadow Seekers. I am the most Experienced Member on CCSS as a proud member for 2yrs. I love my job dearly. CCSS Team Member Barbara McCann



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