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I've been interested in the paranormal since I was 10, had my first experience at 11 when my nan died in my bedroom ( in my bed even I guess!) Some time after I felt her sit on my bed. I froze and tried to get myself back to sleep. The next morning the attic hatch above my head was open! Yet they would have had to wake or move me to do it. Very odd!! I read real ghost story books keeping myself awake at night lol I worked for a larger company for 10 years, the last 6 years quite intensely. At Christmas we parted ways and now my husband me are Enchanted Spirit Paranormal. We offer great value, quality events thinking about the guests best interest at all times. We have John and Claire who help us out on events, and do a great job supporting us. We are overwhelmed by the support we've had in our first 7 months and look forward to keeping the passion going.


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