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We are a team based in Cheshire. consisting of founder and lead investigator Dave Harazny along with well known medium Andrew Warrington-Jones and a range of investigators. traveling around the country in search of paranormal proof. we as a team try and debunk as much as we can before even saying it's paranormal. we are are level headed team. we have our own paranormal series on Amazon Prime. we are not a team that fakes, screams or acts for the camera there are no scripts. we use a few trigger objects but aren't a team for using a lot of gadgets rather using our own senses on our investigations. we also have a spin off series coming to Amazon Prime called Entering The Unknown - Urban Exploring.


David Harazny - Co-Owner Founded Entering The Unknown Paranormal in 2017 Lead Investigator and Host of Entering The Unknown on Amazon Prime Video.

Andy Jones - Co-Owner I've been communicating with spirits since the age of 6, I now work all over the UK as a psychic medium with paranormal teams


This was one event I promised to do for not only the British Heart Foundation but especially my niece Carla, who 3 years ago lost her dad my oldest brother Stefan t a sudden heart attack at the age of 62. We arrived at Warwick Castle Me, Sarah and Lee and we had a private guided tour around the building going through every room accessible to us, the room every single one was breathtaking we were taking pictures in every room as we couldn't believe the detail down to the picture frames.

The night started with Dave Harazny welcoming the public to the castle and then introducing his team and thereafter introducing the celebrities,. who then introduced themselves to the public. it was then time to start the public investigation splitting into two teams Alex, Miki, Carl took a team to the King maker room and Dave, Andy, MJ and Garry Fields went to the bedrooms to conduct investigations. the night went so quickly that the first refreshment break was late. On this first vigil the public was feeling cold spots and drafts, the trigger object ball flashed several times and a knock was heard in the corner of the room far from anyone. Garry came up with names at this point as well.Team two of Miki, Alex and Carl took the other team to the King maker room and did some experiments, they heard a door banged and also heard knocking which they couldn't debunk. after a 20 minute break back at base camp

We then changed around a bit Dave, Andy, Gemma joined Alex, Miki and Carl in the jail and MJ and Garry Fields went back to the bedrooms to get more evidence. while down in the jail conducting an ouji board session, several of us heard a door bang in another part of the castle this happened several times through the public Investigation including when we were up in the main bedroom earlier in the night where Dave and Andy went to check if anyone was around but couldn't find anyone.

Our second break of the evening in the base room took a bit longer as the raffle was draw raising £117.towards the fund. we then swapped the public round so they had the chance to see how the different celebs worked when paranormal investigating. Garry Fields took some to the King Maker Room. Miki, Alex and Carl took some into the Mirror Maze where Miki lost track of some of the public and couldn't find them only for Gemma to find them for him. the investigation eventually overran by 20 minutes. after the public left the team of Entering The Unknown and the celebrities stayed on till 4am conducting investigation around the building. Miki, Alex and Carl went off with Gemma to one part of the building as did MJ and Garry and Entering The Unknown went into the King Maker Room and finally

we went into the bedrooms and got interaction with a lady in the bedroom where the lady in black sat at the table staring in to the mirror. Dave placed the handheld Rem on the floor and asked if there was a lady there by lighting up the lights on the device, the next question was are you age below 40 the device didn't react, but when asked are you over 40 the device lit up. when asked was she the landy sat in black the device didn't go off. then Andy entered the room and was asked if he could see a spirit anywhere in the room and he replied there's a lady stood at the window. our last place to investigate was the chapel where Andy picked up on a man and a women who got married there which other persons was against he also picked up on a murder and after several minutes Andy had to leave the room. Amazingly enough on the way down to the event Andy picked up on two German officers at the Castle. Garry Fields also gave me an envelope in which he had picked up several things before his arrival which turned out to be correct and also some of which was picked up by MJ. the event ended at 4am where everyone gathered their equipment and walking like Zombies to the main gate. this wouldn't be the first time or the last where most investigators go into a location in daylight and ending the investigation in daylight. I think everyone from the public to the celebs to my very own team worked their socks off to make this event a huge success not for us but for The British Heart Foundation in raising £1,100 for this great cause I can't thank each and everyone of you so much I am so proud of all those people who came and supported the night. thank you from the bottom of my heart.