South East Paranormal Investigations


My name is Mrs Rachael darby. I'm manager of GCUK SouthEast paranormal investigations. I have always known that I have had some sort of ability with regards to the spirit world clairvoyant but never had real chance to grow my knowledge. I experienced a few things over the years even before I had any knowledge I just thought it was normal for everybody. There was one particular evening I can remember it was personal circumstances that had really upset me. I was lying in bed and I was saying "please can someone come close come and help me". I wasn't expecting anything to be honest, as I lay there I could feel someone come close to me and then start stroking my hair I concentrated more and learn that it was my Nan. It was such a lovely feeling I didn't feel scared. There were other times after this I would stand in my kitchen on my own just asking for sign and I would hear her voice. I have always thought that maybe it was just my imagination but since being in the Circle I have learned that is not. Nor was it voices in my head. I have learnt that she is my actual guardian angel, and that my grandad is my gate keeper.


I used to attend a spiritual church in southend 2002. I took A friend along a few times with me and we had loved ones come through. This grew our fascination of wanting to know more and to understand more of the spirit world. I have been a part of a spiritual Circle for the past six years at the moment I am learning how to expand my knowledge with the Reiki healing. I've worked with tarot cards, crystals and I have given readings to a few people. I have grown the ability to do psychic surgery. I have my own doctor that I work with his name is Tyler and he is roughly in his late 30s early 40s. He is from the era of World War II. I have no medical knowledge so it totally baffles me when I am coming out with words I wouldn't normally use. I have to say he's quite cheeky man. Lol I really enjoy my psychic surgery mornings but I have to say it takes it completely out of me I feel so very drained after a session but feel quite overwhelmed by the whole experience.

Since being awoken to all these new senses I have experienced quite a bit. One day at my Circle we was doing an exercise psychometry, where you hold something i.e. a photo or an item of jewellery of somebody that had passed over. I took a photo of my husband's mum who sadly left us many years ago. I asked him to ask a question. something that I would not know and come back and let him know what I found out. He's question that he asked was what happened on his 12th birthday. There aren't any other family members of my husband that I could have possibly asked. I sat quietly and concentrated all the while holding Photo. I had a ladies voice and she had told me what happened on my husbands 12th birthday. I have to say I was quite shocked but went with it. On my return home I told my husband what I had been told, he was astounded as like I said there aren't any other family members to have been able to tell me what had happened.


All these things add up, I still am wanting to experience more. I am so lucky to have the opportunity of having my very own team GCUK South East. Like I said I have been on many investigations and experienced quite a bit. I can hear Spirit,see,feel, and smell. There was one location we had gone to the redoubt fort harwich. We was doing and experiment in cell one and all of a sudden we could smell a really strong smell of oranges. It was amazing being late at night this smell of the cells was musky damp and dirty then all of a sudden a strong smell of oranges. No one in the team was eating at the time and certainly was not eating oranges. It was the same location but in cell number 3. We was calling out and using scientific equipment it was all quiet and to the left of me I saw a bright white light as I turned and looked at the lights it started manifestation into a face. I can't say it frightened me but it did give me a startle as it happened so quickly I wasn't expecting it and I wasn't tapped into any Spirit there at that moment. When we go out on investigations I do protection, I do an opening protection and I closing protection. We as a team are very excited for the investigations coming up please feel free to check us out on Facebook

We also have all the latest scientific equipment that our guests are more than welcome to use. The team don't use any of the equipment it's all there for the guests.
Our kit consists of. Dowsing rods, laser grid, k2 metres, digital voice recorders, an ovilus machine. This machine has many features. One of the modes is dictionary mode, the ovilus senses energy changes it and calculates a value that value is then translated into words the machine then speaks the word. I've used this machine on many locations and it has always said relevant words to what I am picking up at the time. It has many other functions. But the dictionary is the main feature we use. We have an sb7 camcorders and a 8 camera cctv system.
We film the nights. Take photos. Once we have done an investigation the team get together to analyse the footage and to discuss our evening. We then write a report of our findings and always offer the venue a copy of our report and show them any photos or videos we have captured on the evening.
We are based in Rochford, Essex and cover the majority of Essex and parts of London.
We hope to meet you one day on an investigation. If you can Dare the dark.
Rachael Darby

Iv been working among the paranormal for many years now. I have seen teams and there work. I have always set out to work with truth and honesty.
It’s a hard field to work, but I feel with teams all pulling together we can maybe get that breakthrough and prove what is out there. I joined Lincolnshire spirit seekers family page years ago. And love they way they work and take in a location. It’s very much like we work. I think it’s just wonderful to find another like minded team with them. And fully support paraunity. Iv work with many teams over the years but never had the opportunity to work with them. Maybe somthing we can do in the future:)
So much love and best wishes @gcuksoutheast
Rachael Darby manager