I’m Chris gillott, I’m 33 and live in the northeast of England. I’d like to class myself as a paranormal investigator with a no bs approach, and the founder of this very small team. I’ve been in the field for a few short years working with sceptics and believers at various locations in my area. Hauntednortheast is something I came up with after numerous different names, I start my official investigations very soon and our aim is to do things differently but always truthful and honest. We do videos, live streaming, experiments and give tips on the paranormal equipment and methods. We show interest in myth and legend and try show you what it is to investigate the paranormal using hardly any equipment.

Paraunity is a great idea and given there’s so many divides in the field today, I’m more than happy to join the family.

Contact us by email lincolnshirespiritseekers@mail.com

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