Hello, my name is Martin Ali, currently I am at the age of 31 and living in the seaside resort of Cleethorpes. Throughout my life I have been involved in many supernatural occurrences.

This is why, I have decided to create Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers.

Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers are a team of paranormal investigators, the team consist of members from different countries. Our aim is to make people aware of the supernatural and that spirits should be respected the same as living humans.

My first account with a spirit was when I visited my friend in Bradford and had a photo taken.  When the photograph was developed a man was stood behind us both.

The second time I had a paranormal experience, was when my grandfather passed away. 

Me, my brother and farther went to Bradford to visit my unwell grandad who was in hospital. The night before he passed, he came to see me not in person but as a spirit. After the encounter I went and sat at the top of the stairs crying, my farther found me and asked what was wrong? I told him what I had seen and he did not believe me. The next day the family received a phone call and my grandfather had passed..

The first time I had a psychic feeling, was when me and my brothers was sent to bed early one night. Suddenly bad thoughts came over me that reduced me to tears. I knew that there was something wrong. At first I did not know what it was, but the feelings got stronger and I somehow knew that a member of the family was hurt. I told my brothers what had happened and they did not believe me. A few moments later there was a phone call and it confirmed what I told my brothers.

As I grew up I thought that there was something wrong with me. I started looking in the wrong places for answers, and started to play with the Ouija board on my own. The more I played with the board, the more I got addicted to the rush of talking to spirits. I remember that I used to even open up port holes, to make it easier for spirits to communicate with me. Back then I used to live with a lay preacher who found the Ouija board. He made me destroy the board as it was effecting my health. Later on he introduced me to different churches. This is when I found god and became a Christian.

Now that I am 31 and looking back on my life, I have come to realise that I am a sensitive / clairvoyant. Just recently my team went on an investigation to Nockton Hall. Where I heard a voice trying to communicate with me, this was happening without any equipment. It was clear as a human voice, as I thought it was Zack playing games and trying to scare me. It was not him as the voice spoke again and Zack heard it as well.

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