Hi there all,

I am Martin Ali the founder and creator of Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers.

I have been into the paranormal for years in fact I have been into the paranormal since I was 7. Not understanding what paranormal was and having a fear of spirits I decided to challenge my fear and investigate the world of the paranormal. As time progressed my knowledge grew and I started to look into how to contact spirits, with no prior experience and no one to teach me I came across a Quija Board and this had an impact upon my life.

Contacting spirits became a vital part of my life until my interest became fear once again. The messages changed from nice and friendly to threatening ones, telling me that I was going to die and one day when I was out my landlord saw a dark spirit walk up the stairs and sit upon my bed as if it was waiting for me. During the time that I was playing with the Quija board with no experience and now surrounding myself with white light, people was telling me that my characteristics was changing, and I was Not the person that they knew.  The fear directed me to Christianity, and I was Baptized at the age of 18.

A few years passed and I still had an interest within the paranormal and therefore a few friends and I created a team that investigated haunted locations. I created a Facebook page and saw that the paranormal world was separated. I started reaching out and made many friends.

Anyhow, with connecting with so many people within the world of the paranormal, I decided to grow in to an umbrella family, that unites the world of the paranormal, and now we have grown to be a strong family being there for one and other, supporting each other and encouraging each other. We classed our family as a ParaUnity Family, and Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers is no longer a team of paranormal investigators but a close family of paranormal investigators and Psychics within the world of the paranormal.

Contact us by email lincolnshirespiritseekers@mail.com

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