Hi there all,

I am Martin Ali the founder and creator of both Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers and GPS Global Paranormal Society. Here I am going to tell you about myself and why I have such an interest within the world of the paranormal. It started many years ago, strange things started happening around me. When I was around the age of 7, not understanding what was happening I gain a fear of the supernatural activities that was happening around me. As I grew older I decided to face my fears and investigate the world of the unknown, the world of the paranormal. As I not had an interest I wanted to be able to contact spirits and therefore I started playing with the Quija board and this had a large impact upon my life.


Contacting spirits became a vital part of my life until my interest became fear once again. The messages changed from nice and friendly to threatening ones, telling me that I was going to die. Oneday when I was out my landlord saw a dark spirit walking up the stairs and sit upon my bed as if it was waiting for me. During the time that I was playing with the Quija board with no experience and now surrounding myself with white light, people was telling me that my characteristics was changing, and I was Not the person that they knew.  The fear directed me to Christianity, and I was Baptized at the age of 18.A few years passed and I still had an interest within the world of the  paranormal and therefore a few friends and I created a team that investigate haunted locations. I then created a Facebook page and saw that the paranormal world was separated with people wanting to be better than anyone else, discrediting other teams because they did not agree with an investigation or what equipment was used or. This made me  reach out to other team and I made many friends on the way.

We began promoting, encouraging and supporting paranormal teams and psychics worldwide. Many teams started joining Global Paranormal Society to show that they also believed in ParaUnity and everyone working together in search for the truth. Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers My team started helping others outside the world of the paranormal we helped people with cancer, people with dementia and people that do not have long to live. Below are some pictures of some of our events.