About Us:

Our investigators come from various backgrounds and experiences, with a common goal of research and study. We use a combination of standard equipment and specialised tools to detect and measure various anomalies, including electromagnetic fields, changes in temperature, and more.

Lead Investigator/Tech Expert: "Chief" - Wayne Holt

 Wayne is a highly observant Investigator whose past experiences throughout the years, starting in the woods near Mooney Creek in Winchester, Kansas, have led him to researching and investigating the paranormal.  Over the past year, he has delved more deeply into paranormal research and study, and visited several locations, including participating in overnight investigations at the McInteer Villa and the Sallie House, both in Atchison, Kansas, and the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City, Missouri.  He also handles most of the setting up, calibration, and maintenance of our equipment.

Wayne has a somewhat eclectic, yet scientific approach to investigating, opting to use equipment and observation, as well as intuition, to determine the best ways to proceed in an investigation.  Though he believes there are many things we cannot currently explain, he is also excellent at debunking, and prefers to collect the data and analyze it in the daylight before forming an opinion on an occurrence or location.

Administrator/Team Support: "Sunshine" - Amy Holt

 A busy mom, Amy wears many hats every day, and MKPI is no exception. Although her main role began as that of Webmaster/Administrator, Amy has recently become more directly involved in paranormal investigations and research, while continuing to manage the administrative side of things.  She still handles the paperwork, answers emails, and keeps the Team and clients informed, but also quietly fills in wherever she's needed.  She is cheerfully present at most investigations, and may be found adjusting equipment, answering questions from clients... and perhaps most importantly, making sure the Team is well-fed.

Lead Investigator/Client Support: "Sweetpea" - Amanda Jacobson

Amanda has had experiences with the paranormal since she was a child, and her receptivity helps her to sense certain feelings or presences.  As a Lead Investigator with an intuitive approach, she is eager to help others with their concerns, and is often the first to talk with our clients about their experiences.  

Amanda has visited many haunted sites, including Villisca Axe Murder house in Villisca, Iowa; the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri; Missouri's State Penitentiary in Jefferson City; and the McInteer Villa in Atchison, Kansas; and she has made several visits to the famous Sallie House, also in Atchison.

With all Amanda has seen and heard over the years, the paranormal very much interests her. She plans to continue her paranormal studies to stay current in the field and receive her Certificate in Paranormal Investigations, and she hopes to be involved in paranormal research and investigations for a long time.

Investigator/Tech Crew: "Doughboy" - Nathan Jacobson

Knowledgeable and easygoing, Nathan often plays the role of advisor, anchoring others with his calming influence.  He has been to several locations, from Atchison, Kansas at the Sallie House and McInteer Villa, to Villisca, Iowa to visit the Villisca Axe Murder House, and to Jefferson City, Missouri, on an overnight investigation at the State Penitentiary.  Nathan is an analytical investigator with a clearheaded outlook, who helps with the heavy lifting and setup, as well as video, audio, and equipment readings.

Investigator/Enigma: "Sasquatch" The Irishman

Though all of us on the Team have seen him before. we have no solid evidence of it.  When The Irishman's around, things mysteriously happen, but there are some who still question his existence... 

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