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Hi there,

I am Peter Doore one of Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers lead Paranormal investigators.

So this page is about me and my experience within the world of the paranormal. So where do I start?

From a young age, I have experienced many strange activities, from objects moving on there own to foot steps just outside my bedroom. Being the lead investigator for Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers, It has opened my eyes even more. I also do research for the team and I withhold information from Martin Ali to see if he can picks them up, in all honesty I would say he is one of the best psychics that I know, picking up information that I deliberately withhold from him. This has made me more interested within the paranormal world. I also help with hosting events from selling tickets, to promoting and encouraging paraunity and raising funds for different charities. 

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Working with Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers we have raised a lot of money for many different charities we don't just help the people in the paranormal world but also the community. The picture above is of some of the members from Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers and some of the wonderful residents at Cranwell Court we helped the to raise money for activities.

Today I live coexist with spirit within my house and I believe that my daughters can also seance paranormal happenings. Within the teams I also co-host some of the facebook live investigations taking me deep into the world of the paranormal world, as Alice in Wondaland states lets see how far this rabbit hole goes

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Me with Malcolm Jenen  promoting Paraunity 

I have also been in Chat it's fate magazine 

I will always Paraunity

working, promoting and encouraging each other