Samantha Kendell


SpiritualistMedium and Singer

Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers

I feel like we are always learning no matter how old we are and how long we may have been practising mediumship. I have practised mediumship in churches, in pubs and from home and I am very excited and happy to now be a part of and look forward to be a part of some of the events to come. Thanks for reading. Love and light to all!
Hi I'm Sam a Yorkshire lass that currently lives in Grimsby. I am a Spiritualist Medium and have always had a connection to spirit since I was a small child. 
I have memories of talking to spirit and praying as far as I can remember. I feel like been a spiritualist and having a connection to spirit is home for me. I found my place and started developing as a teenager.
2 dolls.jpg

Two haunted dolls that are from the 1950's

Available for Parties, Fairs and Events

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old lady doll.jpg

Haunted Doll that has an attachment to an elderly lady