After nearly two decades of investigating the paranormal alone, Aaron Shriver founded Supernatural Investigation Crew based out of Northeastern Illinois with the help of Arlo Hardy and Eddie Valdez and the goal to investigate all the hauntings they could find. Supernatural Investigation Crew travels across the country, setting up over night in buildings to film for “In The Shadows”, a web-series featuring investigations by the team at popular, possibly haunted locations now produced by Shriverdiver Productions. The team also actively takes house calls and eagerly accepts invitations to investigate local hotspots, as well. The current team line-up includes team leader Aaron Shriver, “In The Shadows” host Annley Lucas, house-call request manager Jess Eskew, and crew operations lead Bill Topalovic. We are proud to be apart of Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers family and apart of PARAUNITY movement.

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