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Justin Neville, a retired Army Sergeant, grew up in South Carolina. He has been experiencing Paranormal activity from a very young age. Justin Neville started his journey in the Paranormal field in 2008. He eventually broke away from other teams and founded Southern Paranormal Hunters in January of 2016. ABOUT THE TEAM Southern Paranormal Hunters travel all over the United States and investigate all types of places. Ranging from private residences, businesses, abandoned hospitals, funeral homes and old cemeteries just to name a few. Southern Paranormal Hunters are a drama free team that has a positive attitude and puts their trust in God. Their moto is family first. Their biggest goal is to help others that are experiencing Paranormal activity and they are also very big supporters of ParaUnity amongst other teams. Southern Paranormal Hunters will be starting to do charity events for places like animal shelters, Saint Jude, historical sites, etc.

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