Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide assistances to people who believe that they are experiencing paranormal phenomena.  Utilizing an accepted paranormal investigation methodology to prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal activity.

To further promote the study and awareness of the paranormal field and to provide evidence based on accepted scientific methodology.

To help lost souls release their bond with the earth plain and find peace in the afterlife.  


About Us:

​SpiritWalkers Paranormal Association is an unincorporated Non-Profit association originally founded in 2015. Our paranormal investigation services are provided free of charge. Our goal is simple, to help people who believe that they are experiencing paranormal phenomena. Our team has many years of experience both personally and professionally investigating paranormal phenomena. We understand that dealing with the paranormal is scary for most. In some cases people don’t feel safe in their own homes. There is nothing that we like more than being able to provide our clients with the security of knowing what is going on in their own home.    



There are so many different Paranormal groups around the world. All of us with our own techniques and procedures. Paraunity is the concept of sharing ideas, concepts and best practices with the paranormal community. Joining together Paranormal Investigators, Parapsychologist, scientist, etc to help further our knowledge in our field of study. Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers (LSS) is utilizing their experience in the paranormal field and the use of a community forum to help join groups from around the world to help promote Paraunity.


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