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Our Legal bit…

By obtaining a ticket or stalls to either Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers PARACON, PARA-DINE(Psychic Supper), Mind, body and spirit events and paranormal Investigations you agree to the following obligations.

  1. You give Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers the rights to use all published, copied, printed, copyrighted or electronically transfer any or all photographs, video, audio clips taken by you or of before, during and after Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers Events.

  2. You agree to release Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers from all liability’s relating to injuries that may happen during and event held by Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers. You also release Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers free from any financial responsibility for injuries that may be caused by any negligence.

  3. You also acknowledge the risk that they may be at any event held by Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers events and do not hold Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers responsible. You swear that by attending an event and obtaining a ticket you have been clearly explained and have attended voluntarily.

  4. By attended an event or inviting Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers to your event you forfeit all rights to bring a suit against Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers for any reason. You will also make efforts to listen and obey to safety precautions as explained to you verbally. If terms and conditions are not understood you will ring 07731575000. You take all responsibility for your safety and do not hold Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers responsible for your safety.

  5. You acknowledge that by inviting Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers to your event, Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers have the right to use any recording, photos or videos that has be taken by themselves or by you.

  6. You also acknowledge the following,


  • The programme to the event may change

  • Speakers to both Paracom, Paradine (Psychic Supper) and Psychic nights may change

  • All tickets, stalls, investigations are non-refundable

  • Right to admission is reserved and Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers has the rights to refuse admission to anyone without notice or any reasons.

  • Anyone that is found too intoxicated or causing trouble at all events will be asked and removed from the event immediately.

  • Parking at the events are at your own risk and you do not hold Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers responsible for any damage or theft.

  • If for any reason an event is cancelled stall holders will be emailed 3 time. Therefor if you attend that would down to you and there will NOT be a refund. 

Lets enjoy our self's and help others to do as well we pride our self as a community so lets be one.

Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers is not just one team but a community that has been created with PARAUNITY in mind. PARAUNITY to us is important, the PARA part of PARAUNITY means paranormal and UNITY means a united front. Within your own family in your personal life you have certain rules that you follow and therefor we have created 7 rules that we all must follow within our paranormal family. There will be 6 family members that have been chosen so if the rules have been breached they will talk and decide if to keep you as a family member or not therefore the decision would not be coming just from one team but many.

The rules are as stated below:

1. Do not use any family members logo without their permission.

2. Always ask permission before adding people to the family that includes family chat.

3. When on investigations all respect must be under consideration (we do not disturbed people, we support, help and be there for other family members and other paranormal investigators. When on investigations we respect the environment and leave all investigations how we found it. When possible ask permission to investigate do not break any rules we have be given by the area or establishment that has let us investigate.)

4. Always promote PARAUNITY

5. If holding an event to donate as little or as large amount as you want to the family fund.

6. Everyone is entitled to their own believes no matter race or believe system they have. We DO NOT JUDGE others on their believes for example table tipping, orbs ect.

7. Have fun when investigating


Again, we are a family that supports, helps, shares their findings we are there for each other and if you don’t support or believe in helping each other, being there for each other, sharing their findings with each other and if you cannot comply by these rules then Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers is not a family you should be associated with.




Kind Regards Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers council.

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