Wendy Hollins

Psychic medium and lead paranormal investigator

As a medium I have been aware of spirit from being young, I started my journey with tarot over 30 years ago, I am also skilled in Palmistry, Tea Leaf readings, Flower Psychometry Spirit Rescue and Astrology. I do Private sittings, Parties, Churches and I am available via messenger What’s app or Zoom. My mediumship skills allow me to connect to your loved ones in the spirit world bringing messages. I also qualified as a Reiki Master in 2018. My husband Will and I have a keen Interest in the Paranormal and has been building devices to use on investigations. We are lucky to have teamed up with Martin Ali from Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers and we also support Paraunity and have met some great teams/people on investigations.

Wendy Hollins and Will proud member of Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers